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The Drip Room Aesthetics started in August 2015 for personal and close friends’ drip only. After studying Aesthetic in La Manille School of Aesthetic & Wellness and for completing numbers of Aesthetic trainings conducted in Manila, Joanne Estor (DRA Owner) finally opened her own clinic in October 2016.

The Drip Room Aesthetic is one of the leading aesthetic centers in Legazpi City gathering many clients from beauty queens, models, flight attendants and even well-known people in Albay.

The Drip Room Aesthetic Center will help you achieve a healthier and glowing skin to make you feel and look more confident just like celebrities do.

Our Services
We Offer

Basic Facial Cleansing

Php 199.00

per session

Glutathione Drip Glutathione V

Php 499.00

per session

Painless Diode Laser Hair Removal

Php 50.00

per shots

Experience Oxygeneo 4-in1 Super Facial

Php 999.00

50% OFF

Facial Treatments

Oxygeneo 4-in-1 Super Facial

Skin Perfection Facial (Whitening Oxygen Peptide, Anti-Aging Oxygen Peptide, Anti-Acne Oxygen Peptide)

Bio-Therapeutic Facial From USA

Basic Facial (Whitening, Anti-Aging, Anti-Acne)

Embroidery & Tattoo Services

6D European Eyebrow

4D Creative Eyebrow

S3 Korean Nano Eyebrow

Crystal Lip Tattoo

Full Eyeliner Tattoo

Full Eyelid Tattoo

Batwing Eyeliner Tattoo

Medical Procedure


Derma Filler

Mesotheraphy (Mesofat, Mesowhite, Mesorejuv)

Warts, Milia, Syringoma Removal

Melasma & Freckles Treatment

Stretchmark Lightening


Body Whitening

Erase Laser

Intensive Under Arm Whitening

Intensive Groin Whitening

Whitening Body Scrub

Luminous IV

Luminous Drip

Erase Whitening Laser


Under Arm Laser Whitening

Spot Treatment (Elbows, Bikini, Butt, Knees)

Brazilian Laser Whitening

Painless Diode Laser Hair Removal

Under Arm


Half Legs

Full Legs


Waxing Services

Under arm

Half Legs

Full Legs


Slimming & Body Contouring

IV-L Carnitine

Re-Fit RF Lipo Slim

Lipo Cavi

Anti-Acne Treatments

Anti-Acne Facial

Acne-Light Therapy

Acne Injection

Hair & Scalp Treatment

Anti-Dandruff Treatment

Falling Hair Treatment


Nipple & Lips Treatment

Nipple Pinkish Peel

Lips Peel

Anti-Aging Treatments

IV Placenta Therapy

Beauty Light Opera PDT Light

Eyelash Service

Keratin Lash Lift

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Unit 3 2/F City Corner Bldg., Rizal St.,
Old Albay, Legazpi City